About us

GRB Gemeinnützige Rheinische Bildungszentrum is an educational organization which was established in Leverkusen in 2015. GRB is a non-profit organization, which means the profits GRB made will be reinvested in our institutions and in our educational programs.

The GRB educational centre sees itself as an association of training and educational institutions in secondary, tertiary and professional education sectors in Germany. We focus on the preparation and integration for international students and people who seek professional trainings and later on work in Germany.

Therefore, the GRB educational centre has built three different educational institutions for each of these sectors: Internat Leverkusen – Boarding School, Studienkolleg Düsseldorf – Preparatory College and Rheinische Akademie für Pflege und Gesundheit – Rhenish Academy for Nursing and Healthcare.


GRB Educational Centre was found as a non-profit organization. The main task of GRB is to serve the general welfare. Thus, we have built the boarding school to prepare international students for studying in German high schools, the preparatory college to support our future university students to pass the assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung) and lastly established the Rhenish Academy for Nursing and Healthcare in 2019 to train more nursing and healthcare professionals in Germany.

Making profits is not our primary business purpose. All surpluses we make are reinvested in our institutions and they won’t be distributed.


The goal of GRB is to become a leading service provider in the field of international education and qualification. As a result of the increasing globalization, foreign language skills, intercultural competence and international experience are nowadays the key qualifications for numerous professionals. This trend will certainly continue and, indeed, accelerate. In our view, the personal character development, which involves obtaining these qualifications, is also very important. Therefore, we would like to put the ideal of lifelong learning in the area of the international education and qualification into practice through our quality programs for diverse age groups and other learning targets. Young students, students and working people – all of them should be given the opportunities and chances to develop themselves in an international environment through our institutions.


We treat our customers, colleagues, co-operation partners and all other stakeholders equally with appreciation, honesty and reliability. We live up to the values of diversity, tolerance and sustainability at internal and external levels. Every day, we give our best constantly estimating and evaluating the quality of our work, as well as ensuring possibilities for improvement.