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GRB Internat Leverkusen

What is Internat Leverkusen?

International students who wish to go to a German high school need to be proficient in the German language of B2 level .

In order to achieve this condition, the boarding school in Leverkusen provides the best preparation for those who want to be a part of a German high school (Gymnasium in German) . At Internat Leverkusen, students find themselves in small groups being well-supervised and supported individually.

GRB Internat Leverkusen

As a modern facility with a variety of learning and leisure opportunities, the boarding school is offering the most sufficient preparation for young international students in Germany.

What is the concept of Internat Leverkusen?

Internat Leverkusen provides the „Pre-Highschool Programm (PHP)“ and serves as an institution preparing international students for a German high school entrance. The special emphasis of this program lies on language training as well as social integration and making the students familiar with German (school) culture.

Pre-Highschool Programm (PHP) concerns not only the training of general German language skills, but also school subjects such as natural sciences, social studies, history and politics.

Which students go the boarding school?

For many families in foreign countries, a German high school graduation has an excellent reputation, which encourages many of the families sending their kids to a German school. Internat Leverkusen offers the best environment for students between 14 and 18 years old, and further also the possibility of getting a German university entrance qualification. The only condition for our students is the completion of 8th grade in their home countries.

Further Services

Internat Leverkusen does not only prepare young students for successfully entering a German school, but supports them even after they have successfully taken part at the preparatory high school program. In finding the right school or other educational institution in Germany, Internat Leverkusen is constantly willing to support the students in the best way possible.

Links & further information

The official website of Internat Leverkusen can be found here.

Information about the „Pre-Highschool Programm PHP“ can be found  here.