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GRB – Rhenish Non-profit Educational Centre

The “GRB Gemeinnützige Rheinische Bildungszentrum” (or in English: “Rhenish Non-Profit Educational Centre”) is a non-profit organisation, prioritizing education in all its forms. We support foreign students and trainees in their education path in Germany.

Therefore, the GRB Educational Centre has founded three different institutions: The preparatory college “Studienkolleg Düsseldorf ” and Rhenish Academy for Nursing and Healthcare “Rheinische Akademie für Pflege und Gesundheit“.

In the GRB Educational Centre, the young international students and applicants for an university are optimally prepared for their school and studies in Germany. The Rhenish Academy for Nursing and Healthcare offers professional vocational training and advanced training for nurses and healthcare professionals from Germany and abroad.